Sunday, July 23, 2006

Links of the Day for 7/24/06

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  • The Twins’ astonishing turnaround that began in early June is continuing, and that’s undoubtedly making life very difficult for GM Terry Ryan, who has about a week left to decide whether it might be worth sacrificing a prospect or two (if there are any left in the system) in an effort to acquire the puzzle piece that might just put the team over the top and into the playoffs. (At this point, intelligent people can clearly disagree on whether the Twins are buyers or sellers as the July 31 deadline approaches.)

    If baseball occurred in a one-year vacuum, this would be a much easier decision, but Ryan will also need to be thinking well into the future. Livan Hernandez is available, and the Twins desperately need another reliable starting pitcher (although many observers are saying that they’re more likely to go after an outfielder.) But what if Washington wants, say, Denard Span or Matt Moses? That might be a higher price tag than Ryan’s willing to pay, but with Brad Radke’s admission to the beat writers this weekend that he really is hanging it up after this season, that starting pitcher becomes important not only for the current stretch run, but for next season as well.

  • Speaking of the dearth of starting pitching on our favorite ball club, someone should get to work on a catchphrase on the order of “Spahn and Sain and pray for rain,” partly because it would make the Twins seem old school, but mostly because everybody loves a good catchphrase. Intern Sam took a stab at it, but damned if he can get anything to rhyme with Liriano. Hmmmm… Frisco and Johan and pray for… um, a wonton? A really big pointy wonton that can bring down the roof at the Dome? Needs work, I know. Anyone else care to give it a shot?
  • Scott Baker may not be working out the way everyone had hoped, but apparently, some good things are going on down in Rochester. If the Twins fall out of contention between now and the end of August, it’s a good bet we’ll be seeing Matt Garza and Glen Perkins at the Dome when rosters expand in September.
  • Not that this means anything in particular, but the Twins have moved up to 6th in ESPN’s “Power Rankings” of all 30 MLB teams. Just two months ago, they were 22nd on that same list. ESPN also points out that Minnesota has the third-best run differential in all of baseball for July, having scored 23 more runs than they’ve given up.
  • As much as we Minnesotans love tradition, and as fine a song as “We’re Gonna Win Twins” surely is, we can perhaps agree that it doesn’t really go very far in the intimidation department. It’s not exactly the Superbowl Shuffle, is what we’re saying. More like a toothpaste commercial than a fight song, really, and that’s a shame, because we are nothing if not a state fond of praising our sports heroes in song.

    While Intern Sam would never think of suggesting that we throw the old darling on the scrap heap entirely, wouldn’t it be something special if, instead of running out on the field to the strains of what sound like the Lawrence Welk singers, the Twins tried something like this? We’re just saying…


    MadS said...

    "Santana and Liriano and stay home tomorrow."

    Or, with appropriate linguistic flavoring:

    "Lirano and Santana and stay home manana."

    It's a pity that they don't actually rhyme, though.


    dlarso01 said...

    I would sure love to get a copy of the old New Orleans jazz version of "We're Gonna Win, Twins" (not the discofied garbage of the remake)...

    Anonymous said...

    Jim Souhan tackled the catchphrase challenge in a July 14 column. He came up with

    First Liriano
    Then Santana
    And hope for a collapsed roof mañana.


    "Franciso and Johan, and pray for torn teflon."

    I think the second one better matches the original (and rhymes better). Anyway, the whole column, which covers the origins of the Spahn/Sain phrase, is at

    Anonymous said...

    Livan Hernandez? He's 31 and his current contract is 8 million. O, he's also listed as day to day. He also said that he doesn't want to be traded. There are better options elsewhere.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm now missing Wild hockey in July

    cdw in slc said...

    I like the 'We're going to win Twins' song. Just corny enough to make it likeable. After all, this is the sport that sings 'buy me some peanuts and cracker jack' during every single game. What both songs have in common is that they are easy for everyone to sing-along to and remember the words.

    The tradition I would like to see implemented is the 8th inning sing-along a-la Niel Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" at Fenway Park. See link for explanation:

    I think it is better to let these things to take root organically or accidentally, but I think something by Prince is in order. I originally thought of 'Little Red Corvette' because I think the version by The Gear Daddies is one of the coolest songs ever. However, I'm not sure how the lyrics

    'I guess I must be dumb
    cuz u had a pocket full of horses
    Trojan and some of them used'

    would go over at the ballpark. My second choice is 'Lets go crazy'. People like reciting the spoken word part at the begining of the song

    'Dearly beloved
    We are gathered here today
    2 get through this thing called life

    Electric word life
    It means forever and thats a mighty long time
    But Im here 2 tell u
    Theres something else
    The afterworld

    A world of never ending happiness
    U can always see the sun, day or night

    So when u call up that shrink in beverly hills
    U know the one - dr everythingll be alright...etc.'

    Plus, the song tells everyone to literally 'go crazy' which is what you want to pump up your team.

    Just a thought, something to start working on for when the new stadium is built.

    Anonymous said...

    Jim Souhan has already taken a stab or two at a Spahn/Sain-type catchphrase in his July 14 column. The results:

    First Liriano
    Then Santana
    And hope for a collapsed roof mañana.

    and the one I prefer (because it sounds more like the original and rhymes better)

    "Franciso and Johan, and pray for torn teflon."

    The whole column, which goes into the origin of the Spahn/Sain couplet, is at .

    Salt-Man Z said...

    Jim Souhan took a few (admittedly groan-worthy) stabs at it a few Fridays ago:

    Intern Sam said...

    Oh, God. I got beat by Souhan? Jeez, I feel just awful. Sorry, guys. In my defense, my wonton crack at least had the right syllabic rhythm, whereas I don't even know how to read his submission aloud...

    I, too, have always enjoyed the BoSox singalong, and have been lucky enough to participate in person a few times. (And in reality, I love We're Gonna Win Twins too. I just needed an excuse to link to that bizarre New Zealand All-Blacks' chant.) But I'm intrigued by the idea of a reader contest to select the 8th inning Twins singalong song. I'll try to do something on the subject this coming week...