Saturday, July 22, 2006

Links for the Weekend

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I’m sorry if this weekend’s Links don’t live up to your expectations. I’m still recovering from my night on the town with Mike James.

  • Another day, another dubya. Silva got slapped around, but it didn’t matter, as the Twins pounded out 14 runs on 18 hits.

  • Rondell White had another big night, continuing his sudden resurgence. For The Love of the Game runs down what White means to this team here.

  • The White Sox and Yankees also dropped their games last night. The Twins are now 3 and 1 behind in the loss column, respectively. Are we starting to believe?

  • Nick Punto continues to be a key part of the Twins’ lineup. Will writes on Punto’s new found extra-base power (and overall hot bat) here.

  • If we play our cards right, maybe we won’t have to wait until 2010 for that new stadium.

  • Woody Paige lays out his case for Halladay over Liriano in the Cy Young race. An airtight argument, to be sure.

  • And finally, remember to exercise your right to vote.

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