Monday, July 24, 2006

Links of the Day for 7/25/06

Powered by Intern Thomas is one of the single greatest inventions known to mankind. Ok, ok, I’ll admit it that’s an overstatement. Why? Because, despite allowing me to watch my beloved Twins whenever I want out here in Washington, D.C. (and I mean whenever, since you can watch archived broadcasts), also brings some of the worst broadcasters in the world right to my desktop. I’m not trying to imply that Dick ‘n’ Bert are in Vin Scully’s class, but they aren’t Hawk Harrelson and DJ. These two make me pine for the dulcet tones of Jack Buck and the insight of Tim McCarver or even Joe Morgan. If there’s a hell, those two will be doing the play by play.

Now, there are many of you who probably don’t understand what I’m talking about. You’re the lucky ones; the ones who get to sit down on their couch, tune into FSN North or WFTC and just enjoy the game. You don’t know what it’s like. And you should be thankful that you and your family aren’t subjected to the travesty that is the White Sox broadcast team. So you might not believe me. You might even think I’m exaggerating. Well guess what? White Sox fans agree with me. So when Bert is on a circling jag, or going on about pitch counts, be glad you aren’t stuck watching and trying to decide how best to break things after you hear “the Hawk” yell “He GONE” or “PUT IT ON THE BOARD!!!! YESSS!!!!”

Now that I’m done ranting (bonus points if you can tell which inning of tonight’s game I started writing this), it’s time for some quick links:

  • This analysis of Joe Mauer’s swing is one of the coolest things ESPN has done in a really long time. I probably wouldn’t be so sick of their brand of sports “coverage” if they replaced most of their fluff with analysis like that.

  • Brad Radke has confirmed that he is going to retire at the end of the year because of the pain in his shoulder. In and of itself, his turnaround has been remarkable, but doing it while pitching through a shoulder injury that requires off season surgery? Now that is gritty folks. (And now there is one more reason to win it all this year—it’s Rad Brad’s last chance.)

  • I like this idea, I like it very much.

  • Remember when Sandy Alomar Jr. was good? Me neither. Luckily he’s a White Sox now. Despite Kenny Williams managing to pick up such a veteran presence, I have to say that the Twins probably still have the edge when it comes to backstops.


Paul said...

I just moved from Iowa to Colorado. Thank god for

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Carlos Lee will look for a contract on the order of 5 years, 70-75 million. I like the idea of Lee coming here, but if I were to venture a guess, the Brewers would be looking for Garza, plus a reliever. I don't like the trade for a player we don't have a hope of resigning. Though Brad will retire at the end of the year, and assuming we would buy out Henter's contract, we still need to resign Mauer and Morneau, and they will (together) probably be a cominbed 70-75 million over 4 years. I just don't think it's feasable for the Twins to throw that much money at Lee.

jamar1700 said...

Can of corn.
Duck snort.

'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain on the White Sux broadcasters. I lived in the Chicago area for the last 6 years. What's worse about listening to those two is watching the beloved Twins lose while listening to those two.

Might I also add that I thought they were better last night than they have been in the past... which is really sad.

NateW said...

Living in Eastern Iowa I can only catch the Twins when they play the WSox--or the rare ESPN games. The Sox Announcers are horrible.

But their evolution over the last four or five years has been interesting. They went from total despair over losing to the Twins, to complete admiration for our organization, to today's level of continual astonishment--they've loaded their team and STILL can't get rid of us!

Love your blog--keep it up.

BillP said...

Amen. Stop any person on the street--male or female, child, adult or senior citizen--and there is approximately an 95% chance that that individual is better qualified to do the play-by-play of a baseball game than The Hawk is. If that street is in another country, even one (hypothetically) in which baseball has never been played nor seen, that figure drops to about 60%.
You can look it up.

CDW said...

Try listening to White Sox announcers on XM radio, they suck too. At least you get video with Of course you get WCCO when the Twins are at home. Despite what others say, I like John Gordon and Dazzle Gladden. I also like the Treasure Island Resort and Casino adds with the guy with the uber-Minnesota accent. Ahh the sounds of home, I just need some mosquitoes buzzing in my ear. The other really cool thing is that WCCO goes into their commercial break by playing some Minnesota music. I have heard snipets from the Jayhawks, Atmosphere, Paul Westerberg, and Soul Asylum. I point this out every time to wife who does not really seem to care

Packerchu said...

Is the "can of corn" purely a Hawkism?

I think I've heard non - Sux folks say that.

But the "duck snort" is his.