Thursday, May 04, 2006

Links of the Day for 5/5/06

by Intern Pseudofool

Twins Chatter has surfaced again with a recent entry giving Ryan’s take on the stadium fiasco.

Jewscott attempts to answer the question on everyone’s mind “What’s wrong with the Twins anyway?” Apparently, everything.

Will Young has been posting regularly. He’s smart, articulate and provides you with neat graphics that don’t have to make sense or draw conclusions because, well, there just so neat. I especially like the May 2nd entry.

Here’s a discontinued Twins blog for posterity or nostalgia or to poke fun at failure or something.

Mainstream Power Rankings: has us at 15th, has us at 25th, Foxsports has us, also at 25th, and has at 24th, for a grand total of 89th place, which doesn’t seem real good to me, but you can’t put too much stock in those mainstream journalists anyways.

Flashback: At this time last year, the Twins were 16-11. And to think we’ve since added, Rondell White, Luis Castillo, and Tony Batista. Who new Joe Mays and Jacque Jones meant so much, er, wait they’re not playing very well either.

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SBG said...

New ESPN poll has Twins at 21st.