Thursday, May 04, 2006

Links of the Day for 5/4/06

by Intern Snarky

Report card time
Seth hands out grades to the Twins for the month of April, and it ain't pretty. A lot of Twins got some explaining to do - Torii, Morneau, Rondell White, Lohse, Radke, Silva and Guerrier all are looking at probation. Perhaps Seth and Gardy should meet for some kind of conference.

Things could be worse
Over at Twins Without Spin, we are reminded that our present pitching woes are nothing compared to some terrible performances in the past. Perhaps the embodiment of suckiness was former Twin TerryFelton, who had an arm destined for a career at a correction facility (0-13 in '82). I'd take Lohse over him any day.

Not so fast
The Twins don't get credit for catching an escaped sex offender. Please, we'll take any win we can get at this point.*The middle finger* ... David over at the Contrarian Bias has throwntogether a couple of good analysis pieces today. First, he points his Contrarian finger at the middle of the Twins line-up. Then, he let's us know that our middle relievers aren't so hot either. In fact, the way we often judge our middle relievers is pretty meaningless.

Need a pick-me-up?
How about Delmon Young throwing a bat at an umpire? Way to show those scabs!

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