Saturday, May 06, 2006

Link of the Weekend

by Intern Sharkey

It’s time for a grab-bag edition of the Weekend Links, powered by the new Pearl Jam album (although, for this column, maybe Loverboy is more appropriate).

  • Big series with the Tigers this weekend (four years ago who could have seen that coming?). Hopefully Jim Leyland keeps his pants on.

  • Among Leyland’s former players are Mike Redmond and Louis Castillo. No word on if Leyland’s pants superstition inspired another.

  • It’s hard to tell if Silva’s game on Thursday was due to a fix in his mechanics, or due to facing the Royals.

  • I think I know how to fix Kyle Lohse, too. Have him switch bodies.

  • About half way down this Baseball America chat, Matt Meyers compares Santana and Liriano to the Big Unit/Schilling Arizona combination that won a World Series. Of course, to win the World Series, it helps to be higher than fourth in your division.

  • I’m glad Nick M. is feeling optimistic.

  • Maybe old Carl is paying more for this new stadium than we thought.

  • Even the worst ballpark food isn’t this bad.


  • Hopefully SBG never gets this mad at Gardenhire.

  • The Mighty MJD brings you: If NBA Playoff Teams Were 80s Sitcoms! My favorite:

    Memphis Grizzlies: The Dom DeLuise Show
    Both were cancelled quickly, although you can’t deny that both were also helped out quite a bit by the beards on their stars.

  • On the topic of the NBA, I hope, if nothing else, that you’re all watching the Suns/Lakers series. Those 6 games (with game 7 tonight!), along with the insane Cleveland/Washington set (Damon Jones!), Chicago putting up a fight with Miami, Dirk solidifying his title as “Best Foreign Guy” over Pau… Awesome first round. Nope, no link there.

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