Monday, February 22, 2010

Do You Know the Way to Bad Jose?

"When you get down to it and sit down one-on-one with Jose, I have a lot of fun with him," Gardenhire said. "He's a nice kid. I think we can keep him on the right path."

Giggle. Right. Here's a question: when you sit down one-on-one with someone, do you know who else seems like a good guy?

A: Bad guys.

Q: And when you sit down one-on-one with someone, do you know who seems like a bad guy?

A: Blatantly stupid bad guys.

So I think we can surmise that Jose Mijares isn't blatantly stupid, which is encouraging news given his actions since he joined the Twins:
  • He screwed up his visa for spring training last year, Twinsfest this year and now spring training this year
  • He showed up so obscenely overweight that he cost himself a spot on the 25-man roster for Opening Day
  • He walked out on his winter league team last year, and when he returned his manager left him off the playoff roster even though he was sporting a 1.40 ERA
  • And of course he incited his own teammate to charge him from the batters box during a critical pennant race game.
That is some solid work in just eighteen months. A very large bad guy - not as smart as, say, a Sydney Greenstreet villain. But apparently smarter than, for instance, Mongo from Blazing Saddles. With just a touch of crazy thrown it to boot....

Looks like the Twins have their Jabba the Hut. Or will, once he gets his visa.


scotharr said...

Well written, thanks. He strikes me as a young man who would benefit by having his mother travel with him. Does Bill James have a statistic to measure and predict maturity?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget he 'fell asleep' at the wheel and crashed his car in 2008, resulting in a fractured left elbow and injured pitching shoulder!

Mr. Horrorpants said...

What you write makes sense to me, as always.

However . . .

If our personal Kenny Powers only sees an inning at a time and keeps posting good numbers, I'm all for him. It's a different, creepier feel to see him trot slowly to the mound than a Crain/Guerrier, and I think there is value in that.

If he starts getting hit and loses those numbers, that's a different story.

Eric said...

Little bit of crazy can be a good thing on the mound, I think.

BeefMaster said...

Also, don't forget about his attempt to start a beanball war last year that got him on Delmon's bad side.

BeefMaster said...

i r dum. Disregard my comment... somehow I missed that you'd already covered it in your list of indiscretions.

Anonymous said...

At what point do we get to start saying, that's just Mijares being Mijares?