Saturday, July 01, 2006

Weekend Links

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Hello all. I’m sorry if this weekend’s links aren’t quite up to par, but I’ve been spending most of my time trying to get my Blockbuster card back from Eddie Griffin.

  • The Twins kept things rolling Friday night with an 8-2 win over the visiting Brewers. Brad Radke continues to pick well, and Justin Morneau cranked his twentieth homer of the season. Hopefully that will help out his All-Star chances.

  • You know things are going well when Bump has kind words, even if they’re of the back-handed variety.

  • We all know defensive statistics are shaky at best, but Baseball Think Factory has their latest rankings up for all players with 200 or more innings in the field. Among the notables: Louis Castillo and Tony Batista ranked as the worst AL fielders at their positions, with Juan Castro posting negative numbers as well. I question the positive numbers for Morneau and Stewart, but then again, what do I know?

  • A follow-up link: hopefully you checked out Thomas’s Tuesday link of the minor league manager (another video here if you missed it). Now, thankfully, all has been explained: it was Calvinball.

  • Speaking of managers, it’s good to see that Ozzie has amended his ways.

  • I’ve always been a fan of Paul DePodesta, and frightwig does a wonderful job of summing up his situation. It also appears that DePo has landed on his feet in San Diego.

  • And finally, a link from the wonderful Fire Joe Morgan. I’m sure Celizic would have wanted the Metrodome crowd to mercilessly boo Koskie, too.

Enjoy the holidays, everyone.


slovenia said...

Help! How many innings does Liriano have to pitch in order to be a part of thestarting pitcher ERA race, etc?


P.S. Where would I look for that info? I spent an hour on the web trying to figure out the right question to ask.

John Sharkey said...

I believe that to qualify for ERA titles, the guy needs to have pitched as many innings as the team has played games. So 162 by the end of the year.

Kid K is at 73 1/3, and the team has played 79 games. So he's close, and I'm sure he'll qualify eventually now that he starts full time.

SBG said...

He's now qualified with 81.3 innings in 80 games. For two glorious days, the Twins have the top two spots in the ERA race. Then, Liriano will fall off again until his next start.