Thursday, May 18, 2006

Links of the Day for 5/19/06

by Intern Pseudofool

The Twins played today. Ugg.

This blog is a great example of the rippling affects that trading AJ Pierzynski to the Giants. Well, Boof Bonsor has finally arrived. And Lohse well he was sent down. The Twins probably botched their handling of Lohse, and for Lohse, well, it’s not good. But a guy named “Boof” just has to succeed, right?

Bat girl’s take on Lohse going to AAA deserves it’s own link.

Mainstream Power Rankings: has us at 20th, has us at 21st, Foxsports has us at 22nd, and has at 21st, for an average of 21 points, which is three touchdowns in football.

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