Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Links of the Day for 5/17/06

by Intern Snarky

This just in... Kyle is out, Boof is in. In the pre-season, there was some speculation that Lohse could have a breakout year much likeJohn Garland had in '05. Unfortunately, the '06 Lohse is pitching likethe '06 Garland. For the time being, we'll have Bonser and Liriano inthe starting rotation and Nathan as the closer. Just how good is thatPerzynski trade looking these days?

And there was much rejoicing... sort of. Twinkie Town presents Kyle's defense, or the lack thereof.

The good news in today's Twins' notes - Liriano will be starting on Friday. The bad news- so will Castro. On a side note, Gardenhire has penciled three rookies into the starting rotation. I wonder if he's feeling okay.

In other news... Jim Caple and Kurt Snibbe of have inside information that might sway the stadium debate.

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