Friday, January 20, 2012

Hot Stove League Banquet

It ain't fancy. It is fun.

If you're looking to get together for a lot of irreverent and fun Twins talk, I'd invite you to attend the 4th Annual LAST Hot Stove League Banquet and Charity Auction next Friday night. It's not the fourth annual - it's the fourth annual LAST, because this has been going on for decades now and they keep trying to stop doing it.

You'll likely see both The Voice of Reason and I there and we'll probably be taking the party someplace else immediately afterwards. I hope you can make it.


Anonymous said...

That picture looks like the hamburger helper oven mit hanging out with a cigarette

Anonymous said...

It looks like the hamburger helper dude ate someone whole but is yet to finish the legs. He doesn't look happy about it. At least he feels remorse.

CapitalBabs said...

Thanks for sharing! since I don't see Julian at work all the time anymore, I always find myself trying to seek out when the banquet is!