Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Gleeman & the Geek, Ep 8

Tonight Aaron and I had our most contentious podcast at Bunny's in St. Louis Park - and I don't think Kevin Slowey's name came up even once. Topics included the Twins payroll in 2012, the chat Bill Smith had last night, how much we trust Twins rookies and the Twins efforts at getting power arms.
Here are:


Anonymous said...

Keep doing these wonderful pod casts. Love that the two of you sounded like you were ready for a punch out!

Game said...

You guys have got to stop comparing Lester Oliveros to Jim Hoey and Esmerling Vasquez!

Oliveros is much younger, walks less and strikes out more than the other two. He may turn out to be nothing, but he has to have a better chance to develop into something.