Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Gleeman & the Geek, Ep 4

In which Aaron & I butt heads on Mauer, discuss Sept callups and meet our first groupie - a lovely baseball savvy girl named Abby. I'm not gonna lie: I have no idea how this episode turned out. But taping it was interesting.

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1 comment:

Shane Wahl said...

I like that you like the pursuit of Bobby Abreu in the offseason. I have commented on Nick's blog that I would almost prefer letting Cuddyer and Kubel go (after offering arbitration) and trading/acquiring Ty Wigginton and Bobby Abreu for at most 3/5 the cost and for at least two fewer years than Cuddyer and Kubel will each want. You do NOT know if Cuddyer will be anything like he was from May-July this year ever again, and some complicated platoon involving Wigginton and Abreu could be quite productive.