Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Best Hormel Row of Fame Song, EVER

Today is August 25th, and I'll be spending it at the ballpark, celebrating the anniversary of one of the dome's more unique moments....

It's 2005 and I'm attending an afternoon game with a bunch of friends from work. We've done this a few times, so by now I know the Hormel Row of Fame Song is going to illicit some boisterous karaoke. Sometime around the fourth inning, it starts.

When you are at the game
Are you in Hormel's Row of Fame?

Except that this time the track gets stuck.

If you are in the lucky seat
You'll win a Hor....skip
You'll win a Hor....skip
You'll win a Hor....skip

By this time, the work friends and I are exchanging uncomfortable smiles. The skipping audio seems to goes on forever, but it was probably only three more times before the booth quickly faded it out. At which point I hear the guy behind me remark:

"That WOULD be a lucky seat."

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