Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Monetary Case for Urgency

Today's post is over at the Star-Tribune's TwinsCentric blog. I'd post it here, too, but blogger and the way they handle tables just makes me so mad I think I'll pass. Please click over and tell me what you think.


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neckrolls said...


According to Cot's, Fuentes' option is vesting only, and it isn't going to vest. Also, they have Nathan at $11.25M next year. Punto has a $5M option/$.5M buyout. I didn't see a backup C on your roster, but I'll assume it's either Morales or Butera for around $.4.

I'd let go of most the old-timers: Pavano, Hudson, Punto, Fuentes, Rauch, Guerrier and Thome. Pavano is going to get a multi-year deal, and the Twins shouldn't want any part of that with a guy in his mid-30's with a checkered injury history. Hudson should finally get some respect this offseason - though I'd keep in touch in case he doesn't. Casilla should be able to do well enough at 2B hitting 9th. Tolbert can do what Punto does for 1/10th the money. I'd bid on Fuentes, but I doubt we'd land him. Rauch and Guerrier can be replaced by serfs from AAA - Burnett, Slama, Delaney or Waldrop. As you noted earilier, Thome is going to get a bunch of money from somebody, who will probably be as disappointed as the Blue Jays were with Frank Thomas.

I'd try to save a little money on the arb guys by offering multi-year deals to Young, Liriano and Hardy. Maybe even Capps. That should enable the Twins to pay those guys a little less than they might have earned in arbitration.

That brings it in somewhere around $110M. Still a plenty good team, but your point is well taken. The talent they've got on the roster right now is something to be savored.