Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Phoning It In: Delmon Young Week

Today is Delmon Young day across the Twins blogosphere, but only has had a Delmon Young week. Back in June 2009, I lot all perspective and dedicated a whole week and a ton of words to evaluating Delmon Young's history and specifically Minnesota's reaction to him. Since I just couldn't get myself to write anything new about him last night, I'm just going to revisit those this morning. Here they are:


Anonymous said...

The last three parts are all linked to the Mauer versus Delmon comparison, rather than the "Traps" and "Future" posts.

Aside from that, fantastic analysis. I had no idea Delmon was originally a right fielder and we moved him.

toby said...

He's making contact with 70+% of balls outside the zone this year, thereby halving his K-rate. His ISOP is up while his BABIP is looking VERY unlucky vs. his career .340ish number coupled with his vastly increased speed. He's gone from being a defensive liability to a rangey, cannon-armed asset. He's working hard and improving everyday. THAT'S what the hell happened to Delmon Young, circa now. GET ON BOARD!