Wednesday, February 24, 2010

TwinsCentric Post at

You know I love it when you stop by, but I've scribbled tonight's story, called "Options", over at the new TwinsCentric blog at I'd really appreciate it if you would click over and leave me lots and lots of comments.

And speaking of comments, I've noticed we're getting a lot of great ones, so I'm going to try and feature my favorite from the previous entry each day. Yesterday's comes from Shannon who mentioned:

On a side note my 5 year old daughter keeps asking me "When's it going to be Spring time?" With the increase of Twins coverage I am happy to say "Soon."

From your mouth to God's ears Shannon. It can't get here soon enough.

I'll be writing back here again tomorrow, sharing the greatest Hormel Row of Fame song ever played, which is now a permanent title given that Hormel will no longer be partnering with the Twins. I hope to have you return then, and again, please give me your thoughts on today's post over at

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