Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Housekeeping and a Surprise

One of the challenges bloggers face is not having time to read very many other blogs. We either write or we read, and so we write. That's unfortunate for the us, but it's really a bummer for the newer bloggers. Many of them deserve attention and links but don't get them because the rest of us just don't have time to check in on them on a daily basis.

After checking out the various entries on Friday for Nick Punto Day, I'm pretty sure that there has never been more talent writing about the Twins than there is today. And a lot of them should be more front-and-center than they are.

A few years back we tried to address that in a small way. We created MNGameDay.com as a place where all Twins bloggers could have their posts featured, provided we had their RSS feed. You'll also see the same compilation on the right-hand side of this blog. If you have a Twins blog that you don't think is listed in it, please let me know (in the comments is fine) and we (or rather Tom Genrich, who is really the caretaker of the site) will add it.

Anyway, one such new blogger is Topper Anton of Curve for a Strike who is is a talented writer and film professional living in New York despite being only 10 years old. Or at least I assume he's only 10 years old, because he was born the same year I graduated high school, and I'm pretty sure that wasn't more than 10 years ago. Give or take 15 years.

Anyway, Topper is taking on this problem of calling attention to bloggers in a different way. This offseason he's been running a series called "Twins Bloggers: Get to Know 'Em". If you swing by his site you'll find all kinds of profiles for all kinds of Twins bloggers, and today's entry is mine.

I wrote it a week or so ago and thanks to brain damage from my misspent youth, I already remember almost none of it. Which means I'm partially terrified of what I might have written, but also very curious as to what I had to say. Hopefully it won't disappoint.


rghrbek said...

I don't see anything to the right of your post, maybe that's because I am on a Mac. However, I didn't see these two Twins bloggers and I enjoy them both.

"Picked off At First"


Fire Gardy

NoDak Twins Fan said...

It's great to read through other blogs of fans that are passionate about the Twins. Hopefully everyone keeps branching out and finding other good reads.