Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Locked and Loaded

"The Nationals and Rays both are pursuing [Orlando] Hudson, but his negotiations remain fluid, major-league sources say. At least one, unidentified team might still be in the mix. That team could be the Twins, who are known to have interest in Hudson, major-league sources say."
Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports

Don't you toy with me Fox Sports. Don't you DARE toy with me.

As I drove into work today, I outlined the plan of attack tonight's blog post would take:

1. Intro (write last)

2. A few paragraphs on how bad the Twins second base options were last year
2.1 Overall Stats
2.2 Production compared to the rest of the league
2.3 Defensive putridity (I'm coining that phrase)

3. Two paragraphs on how terrible the #2 hitters were

4. Several paragraphs pointing out the low-hanging fruit available on the 2B free agent market
4.1. go through the candidates
4.2. compare it to how terrible the free agent crop has been in previous years
4.3. what has happened to those guys, and how much have they signed for
4.4. who is left

5. Stories that are scaring me
5.1. Lavelle saying Twins don't like Felipe Lopez' defense
5.2. Hudson and the Nationals
5.3. Lavelle saying Twins don't want to commit to multiple years

6. Examine fear of long-term contract
6.1. talk about how hopeless the future looked at second base in the minors
6.2. point out that the Twins will likely be in exactly the same boat next season
6.3. review age of candidates?
6.4. talk about the joy of signing a multi-year deal when market is down

7. Finish with how dismal production has been from that spot for the entire decade

8. Recap
8.1. faced with an dismal need, not just for this last year but for the previous ten years and for probably a half dozen in the future, and
8.2. given a FA market of overflowing available 2B talent who also just happened to be a fit for the #2 spot in the lineup...
8.3. The Twins did nothing

9. Vicious, biting conclusion. (then back to the intro and finally the title.)

So that's the plan. It's not hard - it really does write itself.

But I'm tired, I have a chess club to organize, I promised my kids I'd watch a movie with them tonight, and best of all Ken and Jon Paul at Fox Sports bought me at least a slight reprieve.

But it's good to be ready....


Anonymous said...

Why do I fear your original conclusion will turn out to be required?

It's good to be ready, but it's bad to be right. Please don't be right.

I could handle it, unless Hudson signs elsewhere for $5 million a year, and the Twins then go sign Washburn for $5 million a year. That would feel
how about like watching Bartlett hit .320/.389/.490/.879 last year, while Punto hit .248/.322/.324/.647.

You know, that still hurts to look at. Sorry.

Shannon said...

Just an uninformed question, but what is the story with Luke hughes? In the WBC Charlie Steiner couldn't stop drooling over this kid stating over and over that "The ball sounded different off his bat!" and doing this not only in the broadcasts versus Cuba and Mexico but on his now defunct XM show as well. (God I MISS that show) I know he's the Danny Valencia backup plan, but could he be a possibility at second or J.J. at second and him at short where I believe he played for team Aussie?

Thanks for your time,

King of the Run-on sentence

P.S. Yes I have the offseason GM guide

Bryz said...

Delmon Young was also said of having the ball sound different when it came off of his bat. I am NOT going to ever pretend like that phrase means anything positive to me again.

It's sad to think the Twins don't want to commit to multiple years at 2nd base. I had an acquaintance claim that he talked to Bill Smith and Smith suggested that the Twins were hoping Casilla would have a bounce-back year in 2010. He might be cheaper, but even a good year for him wouldn't equal an average-to-good year by Orlando Hudson. I agree that if this is the hope for the Twins, they'll just be in the same boat next year.

rghrbek said...

Great post. I share your fears and incredulity of how this position has not been addressed and won't be moving forward.

Remember, Nicky's money comes off the books next year. Lopez was the 5th best 2nd basemen based on UZR ratings last year. I think he will be cheaper than Hudson.

MC said...

Lopez and Crede are both clients, it seems to me Boras knows he can find work for Lopez but is probably holding out for Crede to go to the Twins... I think that even if the Twins are interested, Boras won't make it easy. He'd rather send him somewhere else on a comporable deal becuase the Twins still have money for Crede... Is this the reverse of colusion?

Dave said...

One great post. Once the Twins' Front Office get something in its collective head, there is virtually nothing that can dissuade them. They have offered every excuse imaginable to hide what is obvious: they shot their wad when they traded for Hardy. They are thoroughly satisfied with the Nickster at second and can live with a three-headed platoon at third. That they are missing a once-in-a-decade opportunity never has, and never will, cut any ice with Twins management.