Thursday, October 01, 2009

So I Suppose I Gotta Post...

But there are times where things are better not written.

So let's wait. We can dissect this season slowly, and probably painfully, next week. After all, the season isn't over, even if it's just one loss away from over.

I'll say two things:
1) Yesterday on KSTP AM 1500, Patrick Reusse said he was as impressed with the Twins on Tuesday night in a loss as he had been all season. And I sat back and thought "Yes, that's true."

I did NOT feel the same way last night. I'm assuming Mr. Reusse would say the same thing.

2) If you stop by this site, I'm begging you, try out Twitter. I posted roughly twenty times over the last couple days, including WAY too many times while watching game one of this series with @sethtweets. It is not Facebook. It is not social networking. You don't have to "friend" anyone, and you don't have to post anything about yourself. All you have to do is choose people to follow, and you get a cross between (very short) blogging, news feeds and a discussion group. Oh, and you get it all right on your mobile phone.

I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully breaking down some pitching matchups for the Twins/Royals and Tigers/White Sox for game that still mean something.


TT said...

From your Tweet:

"Twins have gaps at 2B, SS, 3B, LF and SP"

The Twins don't have "gaps" at any of those positions. Those are just the positions where there is opportunity for improvement. They have players who can play all of those position adequately.

Padraig said...

You don't even have to sign up for twitter. Twitter feeds can be added to your google reader or any rss aggregator. Some filtering software blocks twitter (like my place of employment) but does not block google reader.