Sunday, June 28, 2009

They Built It. We Came.

On our way to St. Louis this weekeend we detoured to the Field of
Dreams Movie Site otside of Dyersville, IA. I can't recommend it
highly enough. Admission is free, and the entire place is so
UNcommercialized that you can't quite believe it. It's like, um, well,
building a crazy ballpark in the middle of a cornfield. Here are some

My view
before I choked on that damn hot dog.

Youre going to lose the farm Ray!

In June the corn is only 3 ft high. How do the ballplayers come out of it? Do they wait until the all-star break? Do they crawl out?

View from LF.

After having a catch. Make sure to bring a ball and glove. Playing on the field is encouraged.


Tony said...

3 foot high corn in June is quite good. The old saying it that it's going to be a good crop if the corn is "knee high by the fourth of July." And no, that wasn't heavan, it was Iowa.

Judd said...

Go the Distance, John . . .