Thursday, April 23, 2009

MNGameNight Podcast

Pop quiz, hot shot: John isn't writing tonight because

a) He had some painting and repairs that had to get done
b) The Voice of Reason enticed him into some time on the front steps in 80 degree weather
c) He was hosting a podcast until 11:00 PM
d) All of the above

It's "d", but that still means there is plenty to check out. Tonight's podcast at was with Cory Caouette and Doug Hennessee, both of whom were very early contributors to this site (way back in 2002-2003). Topics included:

- Scott Baker
- The Return of Joe Mauer
- The Overcrowded Outfield
- What Beer Should Be Served at Target Field

And then, since these are the two biggest and most knowledgeable Timberwolves fans I know (Cory wrote for some time) we talked about the Wolves after the regular half-hour podcast was finished. I thought it was really fun and I encourage you to check it out. If you can't listen on your computers at work, just cut and paste the following RSS feed into iTunes under the menu items "Advanced=>Subscribe to Podcast".

See you on Monday!

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