Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hot Stove Night

Hey gang,
I'm working on a post about the long-term contract opportunities the Twins face, but it's not going to be ready until tomorrow. Instead, I'd like to pimp an event that I've always enjoyed and will be participating in this year: 2nd Annual "Final" Ballpark Tours Hot Stove League Banquet and Charity Auction for St. Paul's own Dunning Field Little League.

I've been to this a couple of times, and this year GameDay will have a table there where you can pick up some free issues from last year. In addition, I may be participating in the Q&A session at the end of the event. And since it's going on the same weekend as Twins Fest, you can get an absolute overdose of Twins Talk that weekend. I'd love to see all you (and as many blogger as we can get) there. Here are the details:

WHEN: Saturday, 1/24. Doors Open: 5:30 pm. Festivities Begin: 7:10 pm.

WHERE: Harriet Island Pavilion Building (across from Dtwn St. Paul via the Wabasha Avenue Bridge).

PRICE: $30, adults; $25, ages 16 or younger. $5 more at the door.

TICKETS: Anodyne @ 43rd, 4301 Nicollet Avenue South in Minneapolis; Golden Thyme Coffee & Cafe, 921 Selby Avenue in St. Paul or at the door.

MORE INFO: 651-227-3437, 651-644-9254 or

Since1982, Ballpark Tours has been hosting this yearly winter gathering where young, middle age and elder baseball fans join up with each other to disect the previous year and celebrate the upcoming season. We guarantee a fun, irreverent and raucous time for all of you who need a baseball fix during this cold and dark time of year.

It is also held to raise needed funds for the Little League organization at
Dunning Field in St. Paul. Our annual charity auctions have raised over
$50,000 to help them offer their excellent youth baseball programs and for field improvements at this intercity park.

This year our line up includes former Minnesota Twins and Millwaukee Brewers great Corey Koskie, Major League Baseball Umpire Tim Tschida and a tribute to our friend the late Andy Nelson (who was a great local sports and mural artist). StarTribune scribe LaVelle E. Neal III, another Twins Alumni (TBA) and other special guests are expected to join us as well.

Howard Sinker has signed on to be our our host this year. Cribbed from his web site, "A Fan's View From Section 220": "In a former life Howard has covered the Twins for the StarTribune. Today, he is a commentator on baseball and other sports for Minnesota Public Radio's Midday program. He grew up rooting for the Cubs, back before it was trendy, has settled quite nicely into a season-ticket package in Section 220 of the Metrodome and owns two XM Radios."

Festivies are at a new location in 2009, the Historic Harriet Island Pavilion Building (which is right across from Downtown St. Paul via the Wabasha Avenue Bridge). The doors open at 5:30 and festivities begin at 7:10 pm.

Tickets can be purchased at Anodyne @ 43rd, 4301 Nicollet Avenue South in Minneapolis and Golden Thyme Coffee & Cafe, 921 Selby Avenue in St. Paul. They remain priced at an affordable $30 for adults and $25 for ages 16 or younger. Folks can call 651-227-3437 or 651-644-9254 for more info or to reserve their tickets.


Jack Ungerleider said...

I don't know John, it looks like Sinker is expecting you to be part of the festivities.

The following is lifted from his blog:

LaVelle and “Twins Geek” John Bonnes will be there too.

Have fun!

Michael said...

Jack: This notice was sent to John before we talked him into setting up a table and adding him to our end of evening Q&A pannel. Howard got the updated notice. We expect lots of fellow Gameday and Twins Geek readers/contributors to attend on Sat., 1/24! - Sammy for Ballpark Tours