Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Winter Meeting Podcast - 12/9/08

Hey gang,

I just finished participating in another one hour long podcast with Seth of SethSpeaks.net. Topics include:
- Why I'm not opposed to Ron Gardenhire winning Baseball America's Manager of the Year
- How I was pretty clearly wrong about Casey Blake
- The player the Twins should trade Scott Baker for and
- An idea so insane that I was publicly mocked by the chat room. (Or am I the sane one? Huh? HUH?)

I hope you can take a little time and listen to it. I'd love your feedback.

(On the other hand, Seth barfed almost immediately after it was recorded. That kind of feedback you might want to keep to yourself.)

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neckrolls said...

It's cool to listen to you guys - I never imagined your MN accents when reading your blogs.

Other than Furcal, the guy I'd like to see the Twins take a chance on is Andy LaRoche. His career minor league numbers suggest he's got the potential to be a bat like Burrell. His awful MLB BA through 300-some AB should have lowered his stock some, making this the perfect time to buy. I'd be willing to give PIttsburgh a couple of good prospects for a player with his skills. If the gamble pays off, the Twins have their middle-of-the-order RH bat under team control for the next 4-5 years.