Friday, September 26, 2008

It's a Maxwell's Night

Just a heads up. I'll be watching the game at Maxwell's tonight starting at 7:30 or so, and particpating in the pregame revelry from 6-6:45, too. If you're interested in joining me, TVOR and some friends, you're certainly invited.


Got this comment: "Please don't go to Maxwell's again this year. You've gone twice now, and both times the Twins have been blown out."

And I could NOT agree more. I actually logged in tonight to say exactly the same thing. Maxwell's cannot happen again this year. As evidence I'll point out the profile in the Dugout Splinters for Kyle Davies that I wrote yesterday:

Friday: RHP Kyle Davies (8-7, 4.21 ERA)

  • 2008: 107 IP, 117 H, 10 HR, 41 BB, 63 K
  • AAA: 6-2, 2.03 ERA, 57.2 IP, 47 H, 38 K
  • Davies came to the Royals last year at the trade deadline, acquired from the Braves for Octavio Dotel.
  • It wasn’t just his 6.66 ERA last year that made Royals fans think he might be Satan. He struggled with his control mightily, throwing seven wild pitches and hitting 3 batters in just 50 IP.
  • He’s been much better this year, both at AAA and in the majors. His control has improved, and the most important benefit of that is that balls are staying in the park. He gave up exactly as many home runs last year, but it was in less than half the innings.

When Kyle Davies strikes out eight in six innings while walking just two, there are supernatural powers at work. And I watched the game at an increasingly empty watering hole, that became more and more apparent.

But there was some cheering, mostly due to the ESPN ticker. When the blinking bright little white square turned to a '9' behind 'CLE', it was the most raucous and communal moment of the night.

The number we didn't see was '3', but that was the real number we were cheering, because that's the Twins magic number following the White Sox loss to Cleveland. We'll hope our boys can wittle it down themselves tomorrow.

Hopefully we'll have something better than a blinking bright little white square to cheer.


TBird41 said...

Please don't go to Maxwell's again this year. You've gone twice now, and both times the Twins have been blown out.

walter hanson said...

I hope John is aware that the game started at 2:55 so he might be going there for a post game drink.

Walter Hanson
Minneapolis, MN