Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome to the Land of Giants

Has anyone else noticed that the Twins are 18 games over .500? And that the Sox are 20 games over .500? That means that even if both teams play only .500 ball over the rest of the year, they'll win 90 and 91 games respectively.

So what's the new over/under on how many wins the AL Central champ or wild card winner will have? 93? 94?

Which means that if the Tigers weren't dead in the water already, they are now. To win 93 games, Detroit would need to finish the season with a 31-4 record. BTW, that team is currently 3 games below .500.

And the Yankees? Well, I won't count them out yet, but it's definitely uphill. To get to 93 wins, they'll need to go on a 27-10 roll. Even if two of the Rays, Red Sox, White Sox and Twins collapse to only 88 wins, they need to finish 23-14. If the fat lady isn't singing, she sure as hell is listening for her cue.

Seriously - low 90s for the Twins or Sox? Who woulda guessed that? Maybe someone who realized that the midwest is the land of giants. Which brings us to today's iPhone photo from the Twins Geek Family's Summer Expetition. Enjoy!

(Or enjoy as much as you can given there is a 60 ft. tall vegan watching your every move.)


Tricia said...

How do you know the Jolly Green Giant is a vegan? :-)

This baseball season has been a blast. I love when the baseball experts (do such people really exist?)get things totally wrong.

jeff said...

It's seriously unreal to even be projecting 90+ wins for the Twins this year with only 35ish to play. Somehow, the White Sox have to slow down....don't they?

(btw, John, I ran into your old friend John Gust. here in Madison. I told him I was a long-time follower of the Geek and he laughed.)

armadillo44 said...

Is that the Green Giant statue located in Blue Earth, MN? My grandparents live there and I would always get excited when on our way to visit them, I'd spot the towering green man. At that time you could literally see it from i90. Good memories...oh and go Twins!

Jack Ungerleider said...

Shouldn't it be 60 ft tall vegetable? Which of course would most likely make it a carnivore or else a cannibal.