Monday, November 19, 2007

Hunter a White Sock within a week?

Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth begin in earnest. The Sun-Times is reporting that:

"Sources both in the Sox organization and the camp of
free-agent outfielder Torii Hunter have told the Sun-Times that the two sides could be signing a contract within the week."

The door is left open later:

"While an agreement had not been reached as of Monday afternoon, the source said that 'the climate'’ was there for a deal to be announced soon, unless another team comes in at the last second and blows Hunter away with an offer."

Apparantly, the Jon Garland - Orlando Cabrera trade that the White Sox made yesterday was in anticipation of this possible deal. There is no mention of what the terms of the contract might be.

It's interesing, and a little terrifying, but it's also mighty short on details for a done deal. Let's see what else is dug up here before we get too carried away.


ubelmann said...

What terrifies me the most is that Hunter drags things out for so long that the Twins' options become limited. Hunter's not coming back and the sooner he signs somewhere else, the sooner the Twins can do something about CF and avoid the PR debacle of replacing Torii before he officially signs elsewhere.

John said...

It's a hunch, nothing more....

I still wouldn't be surprised if Hunter returned. There are two factors that make me think that:

1. Pohlad hasn't let a truly big name get away via free agency if that person wanted to stay.

2. Hunter has patterned a lot of his career after Kirby. If the Twins come back with a competetive offer - same years, maybe a million or so less per year - I think it would be worth it to Hunter to return. He'd love to be the guy who played his career with one team.

Now, you can debate whether that's a good idea, but since we don't know exactly what offer the White Sox are making, it's hard to say. But I truly believe that's why the door is being left open here - Hunter is hoping the Twins make one more run at him.

And yes, this is based on next to nothing.

Anonymous said...

John -

I agree with you. I think Hunter will narrow it down to his best offer and the Twins. Then he will make a decision based on how much money he is willing to leave on the table in order to stay with the Twins.

To point out the obvious, the deal with Puckett didn't work out so well. Whether the Twins will step up with an offer that tempts him is an open question.

Kyle Eliason said...

XM said Hunter was meeting with the Rangers and Tom Hicks. A-Rod voiding his contract got Texas off the hook for something like $7 million per if I remember correctly. Hunter also has a home in Texas, which has no state income tax, so any offer the Rangers make is automatically 7.85% better for all Hunter's home games (and possibly the away games depending on how many days per year he would spend in Minnesota).

walter hanson said...

According to ESPN today he has signed with the Angels. Don't they already have a Centerfielder that is gold glove calliber. Or is one going to get converted to play left so Anderson is a fulltime DH.

Walter Hanson

Anonymous said...

Angel's blow away Hunter to 5 years $90M wow