Saturday, September 01, 2007

Twins, something. Royals, nothing.


About 80 years from now you're going to die. And as you wait for a decision, I want you to know that tonight is fair game. While you are standing in all your naked judgement before The Almighty, it's valid to point out to him that Mike Sweeney:

1) shouldn't have even been on that team and
b) simply failed to get any real wood on a pop-up.

And, while you're at it, you may want to point out that (god damn it) you deserved better than that given the last two years that you've struggled through.

And I, for one, will be right there with you. And so will 26,000 Twins fans.



Nick N. said...

I think the reason Baker struggled was because he's not comfortable with Mike Redmond as his catcher. They haven't worked together a lot.

Kyle Eliason said...

Great post. I was out at dinner with some friends, got back to my place and flipped on the game to see what the score was. When I found out it was all zeros for the Royals and the 8th inning was about to start I almost crapped myself and started cursing myself for socializing instead of watching the first seven innings. (I know a couple people that had tickets for Randy Johnson's perfect game and didn't go!)

I felt really bad for Baker when he issued the walk, because the perfect game was gone and it was Baker's fault, not like some crap hit like the Sweeney bloop that followed.