Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weekend Notes

Losing Wiggy
The Twins were apparantly interested in Ty Wigginton, so there's going to be some trashing of Terry Ryan if the Twins don't get the bat they need. But there was virtually no way the Twins were going to get that particular deal done.

Tampa Bay clearly wanted some help for their bullpen, and once Dan Wheeler was offered, the only card the Twins could've played to trump it was Pat Neshek. Wheeler is essentially equivalent to Juan Rincon, including having a bit of a meltdown this year. But Wheeler recovered, Rincon didn't, and Tampa Bay had an easy decision.

What's His Name....
Of course, with Ty Wigginton on his way to Houston, the Astros designated Morgan Ensberg for assignment. Ensberg is a player that the Twins had previously show some interest in, but in Sunday's radio show, it didn't exactly sound like he was at the forefront of Terry Ryan's mind.

When asked about the Wigginton trade, Ryan started rattling off the names of the Astro's infielders, but completely stalled when he got to Ensberg. He actually referred to him as "Whathisname...."

Divine Intervention
Saturday night, I had this vision of Terry Ryan, struggling with the decision of whether to buy or to sell at the tradeline. In desperation, he looks up to he heavens, beseeching the Lord for a sign…

And as Tyner’s ball slips over the bullpen wall, he says “Oh! Well. That’ll do.”

More on Tyner's Shot
Congrats to Regina. She got her wish, though just barely. One might really be more impressive than 756. And I won't be surprised if One exceeds 756 in communal joy, though likely not in communal relief.


Nick N. said...

You don't think Rincon+mid-level pitching prospect would have trumped Wheeler? I really think the Twins should have made a concerted effort to get Wigginton, he would have been a good fit with this club.

JimCrikket said...

nick, maybe, but not necessarily. I just really think Rincon has hurt his value a lot. First, he had the failed drug test/suspension and then his effectiveness and his confidence both dropped. I'm guessing TB simply wanted the best potential closer they could get and that was Wheeler.

Matt S. said...

In my mind, Wheeler is much better than Rincon. It's been two years since Rincon has been a set-up guy, Wheeler just lost it this year. I'd say we could have offered Neshek or Guerrier, but we weren't going to offer neither.

I like the idea of picking up Ensberg, especially if he goes on waivers and we can get him cheap. It sounds like he's still recovering from the injury he got last year, though, and we have enough of those guys already.