Wednesday, July 25, 2007


"These things have a way of working themselves out."

That's pretty close to a mantra for the Twins. It's a quote you're likely to hear several times per season, whether they're talking about the next roster move, the Opening Day lineup, or the next minor league promotion.

And now you can add the decision on which way to proceed at the trade deadline. The Twins have three games left to prove to Terry Ryan that there is any hope for 2007, all against wild-card leading Cleveland. By Sunday afternoon, this thing will work itself out and we'll all know the answer, I suspect. That leaves approximately 48 hours to buy or sell, and it looks like the Twins, or at least the rest of the league, are preparing for both possibilities.

I'll be happy to jump into the fray on Monday, and I'll be hard-pressed not to write more about it sooner, but tonight feels like a night to recharge. So I'm off to the front stoop, where I'm hoping to split of bottle of white wine with The Voice Of Reason™. We'll talk about the weekend, an upcoming vacation, our kids, our lives - anything really so long as it isn't an 11-run 6th inning.

And if you want to talk Twins, well, that's what is for. I count something like 20 posts yesterday from various bloggers that you can find on the Twins Blog Guide. We'll see you tomorrow.

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