Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mini-apolis Menus: Pizza Luce

by The Chatty Chatty Princess™ and The Boy™
4 Stars (out of 5)

(Editors note: The kids are apparently ready to hit the big time, and have decided to start their literary careers as restaurant reviewers. Hey, if Moskowitz can do it.... Anyhoo this is the first, possibly in a series of resaturant reviews by the kids.)

We thought Pizza Luce was a four stars, and we though so because....
1. the place had outside and inside tables

2. a lot of houses nearby (friendly little neighborhood) and a lot of people don't need to go as far

3. food was decent

4. service was good (nice people, too)

5. reasonably priced

6. A LOT OF FUN!!!

(Another editor's note: Personally, I think the giddy review had more to do with the free ice cream, giant pieces of 'za and Buddy's soda flavors. But maybe they just rounded out the top ten. We'll see you next time on Mini-apolis Menus)

1 comment:

Jake said...

nice, give the C.C. Princess and the Boy my compliments. way to get those little geeks started early, we're going to need those literary chops for future blogs, when or if you decide to hang up your keyboard.