Sunday, July 08, 2007

Links for a Monday

I've written today, just not here. Today's post is over on the GameDay Writers Blog, where myself and a few other writers are having a contest. The challenge is to write a story centered around a quote. I went first today, and you'll see a couple of more attempts later this week. As always, if you want to try it yourself, either on your blog or in the comments, let me know so I can call attention to it. And just a reminder that if you would like to join the GameDay Writers, let me know that too.

It's rare that the timing works out this well, because it's a great day to stop by there. Immediately below my entry you'll see an enormously long entry by Kyle Eliason and John Sharkey where they chat their way through yesterday's game. The last timt they did this, it was enormously entertaining - one of The Voice of Reasons' favorite entries overe there. Save up some time during your lunch hour for this one.

Oh, and speaking of new writers, below their entry you'll find our newest writer, Ty Omoth, "The Northwoods Wanderer". Ty is going to be blogging a couple of times per week about the Northwoods League, a particular passion of his. A summer league that draws so many college prospects would, I imagine, be of interest to baseball junkies. Keep an eye out for his stuff on Mondays and one other time during the week. His first post sums up the league's first half as they head into their all-star break.

That's it for today. It should be plenty to keep you busy.

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