Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pre-Vegas Thoughts

Hey gang,

Incredibly short entry today as I'm basically cranking it out before the plane leaves for Vegas. Sorry to not blog Twins today, especially when there is such a fruitful topic such as the end of contract talks for Morneau.

Alright, I can't stand it. A quick take - WE ALREADY HAVE A FOUR YEAR CONTRACT WITH MORNEAU. Only it's called arbitration. And the only difference is that now neither side knows exactly how much it will cost (though they both have a pretty good idea). If the team's option year for the fifth year isn't included, it's exactly the same as the current situation from the fan's point of view.

My gawd I get tired of this sort of thing. The same thing happened when the Twins were negotiating with Hunter. Not having a four-year deal in place means almost nothing to the fans. It means a something to the Twins, but usually it only means a couple of million dollars a year, and the Twins can save that a dozen different ways.

It should be a lot more than that to the player, but if he doesn't want the deal, great. No guaranteed deal removes a huge risk from the plate of the Twins. If those concussions symptoms come back, and the future looks shaky, the Twins aren't committed to an eight figure salary.

Ok, that's it. I woulld encourage you to stop by to see some of the other GameDay writer's takes, and to track all your favorite Twins blogs (and maybe a couple you haven't seen yet). I'll be back tomorrow, or possibly even later today. I'd appreciate any karma you can send my way this weekend.

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