Friday, October 06, 2006

Links of the Day for Game 3

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Brad Radke has pitched for the Twins for twelve seasons. It is rare, in the age of free agency, for a player to spend that many years with one team, but Radke has remained. He’s been the constant—none of his teammates from that 1995 squad remain with the team (and, based on their 56 wins (, that’s probably a good thing). Now, today, he takes the hill for what could be the final time.

This series has not gone as planned. Frustration has mounted ( But today is not the day to dwell on plays that were not made. Today is the day to put that aside and give Brad Radke his due.

His arm could remove itself from his body at any moment, but he takes the hill in Oakland today, looking to get the ball to Santana in a Game 4. Regardless of today’s outcome, we need to credit Radke for the pain he has pitched through, and we also should credit the rest of this team for making its improbable playoff run. They’ve given Radke one last shot, to go out the way he should.

Here’s an “oh Canada” take on Radke (, found thanks to the incomparable Athletics Nation (

Jim Caple gives Brad some props as well (

We’re all about small victories here, and this ( will help the cause a little.

The AL Central isn’t dead yet. The Tigers won Game Two of their series yesterday, knotting it at one-all (

Homefield advantage is tough to hold. The Padres dropped Game Two yesterday (, sending them to St. Louis in a 2-0 hole. Sound familiar?

Enjoy the game today, even if it doesn’t go well. It’s been a hell of a ride.


Anonymous said...

I don't think "small victory" is a suitable way to characterize a player going down with an injury. And I doubt the Twins themselves think of it that way, even if it does improve their chances of winning.

Or, maybe the link is directing us to the wrong page, and you had some other "small victory" in mind?

Go Twins!


Nate said...

Why is everyone's tone one of finality? Radke can beat them. And he will.

John Sharkey said...


You're correct; I phrased that badly. A day (and night) spent with Samuel Seabury melted my brain.

Anonymous said...

Nate, I confess I'm less worried about Radke's performance than I am about the offense. They're going to have to start breaking out some hits for the Twins to stay alive. Let's hope today's the day everybody's bat starts a hot streak!

John, thanks for your reply. Should I know who Samuel Seabury is? (I'm not a Minnesota native or resident, if that explains anything.)


John Sharkey said...

No, you probably shouldn't, unless you're taking a political science class; he's an 18th century British Loyalist I was writing a paper about...

Here's to 2007.

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