Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Links of the Day for 10/5/06

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I made the mistake of listening to sports radio on the way home from work today, I tuned in just long enough to hear a local Twin Cities sports personality say that the A's were out-pitching the Twins. Fortunately, has a cool feature which rates the teams' playoff pitching prowess. For game 1, they gave Santana an A- and Zito a B-. For game two, they gave Boof a C+ and Loiza a B-. These statistics don't tell the whole story, but I don't think you can blame the Twins pitching on our 0-2 deficit.

  • Clearly, the fault for the Twins shoddy play lies in the lack of homer hankies. The dome and all of the stores around the dome are sold out. Looking around the stands, they did not appear to be in the hands of the fans. Did Billy Beane buy them up with all of that money hey saved signing Frank Thomas as his DH?
  • Scanning through the A's Nation, I've discovered we share something with the A's fan other than love for a small market team. We share the same feelings for espn.
  • This picture has been plastered all over the net- it was featured on the front page of,, and Torrii's botched dive has already been written to death, and the daily papers haven't even been printed yet!
  • If you haven't already, check out Micheal Cuddyer's blog. Fortunately it sounds like he and the rest of the Twins are less pessimistic than myself.
  • On bat-girl, a fan in Oakland has posted an inspirational letter telling the twins nation to keep the faith.
  • If that doesn't cheer you up, perhaps some of the Gamle-Tron's confidence in the Twins can rub off on you.

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