Monday, September 18, 2006

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“To be, or not to be:
that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them?”

So what’s your answer? Suffer the Slings and Arrows of a seven game series with the Yankees? Or perhaps, you prefer to take arms and by opposing, end the Yankees dominance over the Twins in the divisional round? Do you believe the Twins will win all three starts from Johan in the ALCS against the Yankees, or would they be more likely to win his two ALDS starts against them? Would you rather watch some combination of Boof, Garza, Silva and Baker have four opportunities to win one game against that lineup, or three?

If I were you, I’d decide quickly, because your decision will effect who you are rooting for in the huge three game series between the Tigers and White Sox starting tonight. Do you agree with Aaron Gleeman that the Twins have the Wild Card all but locked up, and thus, should hope the Tigers lose, allowing the Twins to possibly overtake them, guaranteeing they won’t see the Yankees until the ALCS? Or are you a more conservative sort, pulling for the Tigers like Mr. Baseball No. 1, and willing to trade a possible division lead for an almost guaranteed wild card spot, and a shorter series against the Evil Empire?

Or are you like me, and hate Ozzie’s hare brained antics, A.J.’s obnoxiousness and the general bitchiness of the organization and its fans so much you’d rather root for the Yankees than the White Sox? Or are so confused at my forced attempt to shoehorn Shakespeare into my post that you don’t really care who wins anymore?

Personally, I think the Twins have a better shot at winning the ALDS than the ALCS against the Yankees. The shorter the series, the less chances that talented lineup will have. Keep the sample small, and there’s less opportunity for the more talented team to differentiate itself.

So now that we’ve cleared that up, it’s time for some quick links:

  • Ever wonder what it’s like to go through Rookie Hazing? Well, luckily for you, Pat Neshek wrote about his experience.

  • Apparently, some more White Sox fans have given up on the season. Hopefully, they don’t feel it necessary to attempt to climb back on the bandwagon.

  • Baseball Tonight used to be my favorite show on television. Nowadays, I rarely even watch it, let alone plan my evenings around it. If you need to know why, CMathewson has some pretty good reasons.

  • Finally, if you’re wondering, after last night's game, the Twins Magic Number for the Wild Card is 9. Any losses by the White Sox or wins by the Twins over the final 13 games will bring the Twins that much closer to the playoffs.

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