Friday, September 08, 2006

Links of the Day for 9/8/06

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After a week’s hiatus spent reentering the world of higher education, I return to clean out the tubes. I’m sure you missed me terribly, and I promise I’ll control my language.

  • The Twins dropped the opener against Detroit on Thursday, 7-2. Baker took a beating, and the bats remained silent against the glory that is Justin Verlander. Cuddyer did add his ninety-third RBI on a solo homer in the 7th, so SBG has some updating to do.

  • I do admit to slightly jumping the gun on the writing of these links (work beckons), but at the moment the White Sox are down 8-1 in the ninth to Cleveland. I’m going to assume no ground will be lost there, and the Twins lead will remain at one-half game (one in the loss column).

  • It appears that the F-Bomb will be manning up and rejoining the Twins’ rotation sooner than later. Liriano will be making a rehab start on Saturday, and his next turn could be taken on a big-league mound. I don’t need to tell you how important this is.

  • Maybe Francisco’s return will balance out the performance of The Giant Silva. You never know when he might get another tummy-ache.

  • Don’t worry. If this broadcasting thing doesn’t work out for Bert, he’s got other options.

  • Maybe the Target Center will start selling gyros.

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