Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Links of the Day for 9/27/06

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After clinching a playoff spot there's been a lot of love for the Twins from baseball writers. The Twins success is being viewed as the story of the season. Justin Morneau's MVP run has benefited from this view he is leading a fan poll on and has at least one vote in the bag from Kyle Veltrop of the Sporting News. Even Bud Selig is dolling out some praise for the Twins, with the obligatory swipe at the Metrodome.

A couple of national sports commentators weighed in on the debate featured in this weeks dugout splinters article. Dayn Perry of thinks it will work to the Twins benefit to play the Yankees in the ALDS, citing that it favors the Twins to have Santana on the mound for two of the possible five games against the bombers. Mike Celizic on is somewhat ambivalent agreeing with Dayn on the Santana issue but also citing importance of home field advantage to the Twins (who are sporting the league's best home record). I find it interesting that everyone seems to take wins from Santana efforts to be a given, even though he hasn't been his dominant self in his last three outings.

Swing by the bleacher bums and check out their great entries this week. Today, they posted a link to a story about MLB pulling their podcasts from itunes. The reason they did this was that they didn't like their podcats being listed next to those posted by fans. From the link:

"That may sound immaterial, but again the brand is very important to us," said Bob Bowman, of MLB.

Although impressed with MLB's embrace of web related media, I find their excuse for pulling their podcasts from itunes hard to swallow. It seems inconsistent that they would advocate fan blogs linked to their site while trying to separate themselves from fan podcasts. It's all the more reason to subscribe to RSS feeds to get your mlb casts and your favorite Twins podcasts avoiding the middle man entirely.

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