Monday, September 25, 2006

Links of the Day for 9/26/06

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The incredible shrinking magic number continued to shrink. After the Indians’ pounding of the White Sox, the magic number was 1. So what happened after the Twins held on to clinch last night? They celebratee, that’s what. And while Ron Gardenhire had to put some thought into whether they should celebrate, he made the right decision. The Twins are not the Yankees after all—the playoffs aren’t guaranteed by their payroll. While it may seem inevitable now, a playoff berth seemed to be an impossible dream the first half of the season. And so, when they clinched last night, I hope you opened some bubbly, maybe even fired up a victory cigar, because the Twins have accomplished something amazing.

And while you’re celebrating, make sure you raise a toast to the Detroit Tigers, who are back in the playoffs for the first time since 1987. This is a franchise that’s gone through a lot. They’ve seen rebuilding year after rebuilding year, culminating in the historically awful 2003 season and now, their long nightmare is over, because they are in the playoffs.

And they, along with their fans, have done it in an unassuming, workmanlike way that everyone should be able to appreciate. There was no annoying monkey, no whining about a curse and no bitching. All they’ve done is make the playoffs and I’ve been pulling for them ever since their torrid start (except against the Twins, of course). I know I’ll continue pulling for them in the playoffs as well (again, unless they meet the Twins in the ALCS), especially because I remember what it was like to break a playoff drought of more than a decade. If you need a reminder, I suggest you check out The Roar of the Tigers.

  • If you’re like me, you’ve been joining the new bloggers over at Pulling a Blyleven during games. Trust me—they will have you laughing no matter what happens.

  • It turns out that Johan’s father is in town to watch the rest of the Twins’ season. His name? Jesus. Is anyone surprised?

  • Be thankful the pixie vests are the worst thing the Twins have done to their uniforms recently. It could definitely be a lot worse.

  • The New York Times continues their obsession with the Twins. As always, bugmenot has login info if you need it.

  • 33 for MVP!!

  • If you don’t get goose bumps after reading this, you might want to check your pulse. Something magical is occurring this season—make sure you celebrate it.

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