Thursday, September 21, 2006

Links of the Day for 9/20/06

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If you haven't done so already, you may stop by to buy your twins playoffs tickets. They're still available and cheaper than an "I'm sorry" baseball from Pete Rose. Which piece of baseball history would you rather own?

An article in the Strib earlier today suggested that you try the phone rather than the internet. If you're phonephobic like me, you picked up your tickets on the internet. The Strip article reported waits between 70-90 minutes to get the tickets online, although mine was more like 15 at 11:00 Wednesday morning. I'd be curious if you face similar waits online, please post your experience in the comments.

The Twins get back to working on that magic number today at the Fenway. The legendary baseball columnist, Peter Gammons, was in attendance last night for the first time since his aneurysm in June. Stop by and read his column- it tells the tail of his near death experience and breaks down the trade-deadline moves. You know, the important stuff.

If you need a pick me up, check out this article by Dan Shaughnessy in the Boston Globe. It praises the Twins, their front office, and the people state of Minnesota. From the article:
"They play in the image of the people who live in the Twin Cities. They are honest and hard-working and they give you a lot for your money." I appreciate his comments, but I am a Minnesotan and am neither honest nor hardworking. I will give you a lot for your money though.

A post on continued fueling America's obsession with the home life our own Mauer and Morneau, check it out . Is that a dome dog in their fridge? Aside from the oddly placed bold font, the article contains all sorts of invaluable information. Did you know that they keep Goose Island (oatmeal?) Stout in their fridge while they have Bud Light in a soda machine? How intriguing! Who do you think drinks which? I'm guessing the Canuck drinks the stout.

Finally, with the playoffs approaching, there's all kinds of coverage that you wouldn't expect. Front and center yesterday was City Pages, who has four - count 'em FOUR - stories on the Twins, including interviews with Terry Ryan and Mike Ratcliffe. In-depth stories by solid writers with access to the big guys? Read, schmead. I'm gonna digest those puppies.


TheBentKangaroo said...

It's obvious the Canuck drinks both. Joe only drinks Land'o'Lakes milk!

MNPundit said...

Well at 3pm on Thursday I tried to get tickets online and the only sections being sold were the cheapest nosebleed seats. I got nothing for any of the other sections.