Thursday, September 14, 2006

Links of the Day for 9/14/06

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Today's loss left the Twins fans with a Silva-esque upset stomach. I didn't see the game, but the folks over at Twinkietown have been said that the outcome could have been different if not for a blown call. Of course, what really has us really upset is that popping sound coming from F-bomb's elbow. Thinking about that sound gives me the willies. Even without results from the MRI, Gardenhire is saying F-bomb's season is done.

Call me superstitious, but I always notice that bad news comes to my favorite team as soon as the national media gives them glowering praise. I saw this injury coming the moment Tom Verducci at published his article calling the Twin's the team to beat with the addition of Liriano.

Now that Big Ten football has begun making plans to change the schedule for the Twins future playoff run, I'm convinced more bad news is on the way. Was the losing of a coin toss (and home field advantage) to the White Sox an omen of things to come of a future playoff game or am I off my rocker? The good news is that we've been playing pretty good ball without Liriano and we got an excellent performance from Garza today. I'll leave it on that up note. Bring on Cleveland!

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