Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mini-mini rant

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Seriously, I love Torii as much as anyone. And I still think he can provide a lot to this team. But he can't play center field anymore thsi year. He just can't. It's obvious, and has been for a week. I don't know if you DH him, or rest him, or start him in left field or start him in right field, but you DON'T start him in center field any more than you start Jason Kubel in center field. Get over it.


intern sam said...

Well, I'm glad someone said it. Torii's the best, I love him to death, his leadership and attitude are generally beyond reproach, BUT... that ankle is just not right (and may never be,) he's 31 and getting older fast (par for the course among athletes who play as hard as he does,) and he doesn't hit enough or in a disciplined enough fashion to justify his presence if he isn't running down gappers or bouncing off the wall by the 408 sign.

One caveat, though: he is still one of the clubhouse leaders, as near as I can tell, and we all know what happened last year after Torii went down. I'm not saying the same thing would happen again, just that I would feel remiss not mentioning it.

TeeAhr1 said...

I'm going to have to go one further. And yes, yes, I have always been a Hunter fan, I've spent most of my "adult" (heh) life watching him patrol CF, leadership, defense, etc., etc. But goddammit. Career AVG - .267, career OBP - .323. The numbers, man, they do not lie. And his plate approach is so predicatably awful. RISP, 2 outs? He will strike out hacking at a breaking ball in the dirt. Every time. Man on first, one out? As sure as the rising sun will cast its golden glow on Gate C tomorrow, he will, by God, send some pathetic dribbler to short.

Defensively, when he's healthy (and to his credit, he is tough as nails), he's a force of nature. The best CF in the game today, certainly. More far-reaching historical comparisons may indeed be in order. But we're paying 10.5 million dollars for a natural #6 hitter with crap plate discipline. We could hardly afford that even if he was our best offensive option (which, thank ye God, he isn't...anymore). There are obviously teams eager to pay that for a defensive wizard with charisma and name recognition who can't hit consistently, and I'll wish him the best of luck when he goes.