Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Links of the Day...

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  • After a good series against Chicago, Tuesday's loss was a bit of a buzz kill. Carlos Silva looked like the old-new Silva (as opposed to the new-old Silva), giving up five homers and not exaclty looking like a ground ball pitcher. Grumbling about Silva's performance is coming from all the Twins' blogosphere (1, 2, 3), but I think the photo posted in the Twins' write-up says it all.

  • The good news is that F-bomb or the Cisco Kid or whatever you call him (just not "the franchise") was able to throw 60ft. the other day without pain. Which is furhter than Radke can throw it without pain. Speaking of which, Stick and Ball Guy wrote an excellent article arguing that Radke is the best SP for the Twins ever. Although the some would disagree, because they just don't make 'em like they used to .

  • Brian Cashman reported today that the Yankee's are losing money this year. Normally, I would suspect this was just an arm twisting to loosen up public money for a ballpark, but the stadium is allready financed. Cashman blamed the loss on major league baseball's revenue sharing system. This thourughly confuses me, is there a way a team could make enough of a profit that it needs to be shared with other teams while losing moeny?


SBG said...

There is much suspicion about that "loss" but the revenue sharing is just that, revenue sharing. Not profit sharing.

Anonymous said...

Good read, but what happened to spell check? Lots of errors.