Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Links of the Day

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As seems to happen, different people in different parts of the web are taking a look at the same thing at the same time. Personally, I think that’s great, since it makes it a lot easier for me to organize my links post, but it does seem rather odd when random topics are written about at the same time (as opposed to something obvious, like the Twins hitters performing like Albert Pujols playing for an American Legion team).

Today’s example is the RBI (or RsBI if you’re more of a Baseball Prospectus kind of person). Carter Hayes takes one angle on the topic, looking at the last times that the Twins had a 100 RBI man at each position and how that compares to the rest of the AL. John Walsh of the Hardball Times takes a different approach, trying to find a way to add more meaning to the stat and also envisions a situation that hopefully occurs should the Twins win the Wild Card and face their nemesis from 2003 and 2004, the Yankees, in the playoffs.

And now it’s time for some non RBI related links:

  • This is one more example of the type of announcers that other teams employ and that poor, innocent MLB.tv users like myself are subjected to when we watch a Twins game against a team from a larger market.

  • Chris Constancio thinks the Twins turned Kyle Lohse into the 2009 version of the 2005 version of …Kyle Lohse.

  • So long as Rick Anderson was right about the severity (or lack thereof) of the Cisco Kid’s injury, I think he’ll wind up on this list at the end of the year.

  • I wonder if Radke and Johan name their wins, or if the lack of run support the past few years has made them give up on the idea?


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