Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Links of the Day for 8/3/06

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  • Kelly Thesier, the official twins beat writer, wrote an article pointing to the Twin's depth problems after Liriano's sore forearm. Itwas hard to imagine the starting rotation as a weakness heading into theseason. As if to illustrate this point- Scott Baker was moved into therotation, got shelled, and was sent back down within 24 hours. In a dejavu moment, Boof Bonsor gave a repeat performance and was called up and sent down before sunset.

  • Nick M. over at Nick and Nick's commented today that Baker appears to have the stuff of a major leaguepitcher, but not the mental toughness. You have to wonder how his 24-hour stint in the majors has helped his coping skills. The extra roster spot previously filled by Boof Baker is now filled by the MIB, apparently.

  • Aaron Gleeman took a well deserved day-off today in recognition of his four year blogging anniversary. Please take amoment to congratulate him in his comments section today. It's hard to imagine keeping up with such fresh insight for so long. I think two weeks is my personal record for journal keeping, and my writing was farfrom insightful. I hope we are lucky enough to get another four years!