Monday, August 28, 2006

Links of the Day for 8/28/06

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After reading some of the following links, you’ll see why I intern for the Geek rather than have my own Twins’ blog—the quality of the writers who devote time to posting on Twins’ blogs is unparalleled. There’s a reason why many of them spend their non Twins time getting paid to write about other subjects. All talent like that needs is inspiration, and, well, I think we can all agree that the games the Twins and Sox gave us on Friday and Saturday are about as inspirational as they come—We’re talking Jesus’ final gathering with his disciples and French ponds full of water lilies level inspiration Those games were art my friends, they were art. And all of our favorite bloggers delivered:

Batgirl’s choices for Boyfriend of the Day on Friday and Saturday combined her amazing writing skills with the exuberance of her commenters to create posts that are worth visiting again later, especially when the snow is falling in January and February and Spring Training seems so very far away.

Mr. Baseball No 1 might be a newcomer this year, but his writing measures up with the big names amongst the bloggers. Like some great artists, he used a small part of an image to capture the feel of the whole. Though he did forget to mention Morneau’s groin popping stretch. Maybe he needs to be sent down to Rochester to work on his leadership skills.

The beat writers haven’t yet figured out stats like Win Probability Added, but luckily for us, Will Young has, and he broke down Friday's and Saturday’s instant classics this weekend. And, if you want to look back at one of the few games the Twins have played that was as exciting, you can find his WPA for the Rivera game here.

And finally, some quick links:

  • Looks like the Twins don’t mind their fans booing A.J. And my guess is his actions this weekend changed some fans stances from love to hate of the trash talking catcher.

  • If you were wondering, Pat Neshek did enjoy striking out A.J. on Saturday. I’m guessing he wasn’t the only one.

  • It seems like baseball is not the only sport with doping problems. Wonder what’s taking the national media so long to pick up on it?

  • The Skip Bayless Era is over at Page 2. Thank God.

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