Friday, August 25, 2006

Links of the Day for 8/24/06

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This might be the last week you see me doing the links. I feel that I’m being under-compensated, and I’m tired of being the #3 intern. If the Geek doesn’t sweeten the deal here in a hurry, we could be looking at an extended holdout. At least, that’s what my buddy Ashley says I should do.

  • The day after rookie Matt Garza snared his first major league win (and first major league pie in the face), fellow rookie Boof “Bail” Bonsor pitched the Twins to a 2-1 series win in Baltimore. The Twins pounded out 17 hits, including three by Joe Mauer to get his average up over .360.

  • No one needs to be told how big this weekend’s series in Shee-cago is. Just 1/2 game behind the World Champs, the Twins will be throwing out Radke, Santana, and Silva.

  • And some good news for the Twins: there will be no Thome envy in The Cell this weekend. The White Sox masher strained his hamstring Wednesday night, and is out for the Twins series. Oh, darn. No one for Reyes to pitch to.

  • Man, look at that professional segue. That’s why I deserve the big bucks. The Twins inked their lone lefty to a fresh two-year extension worth two million clams. Jesse breaks it down here. Now, granted, he may not be in the best of shape. But he looks sculpted next to some of these “athletes”.

  • Now generally, I like to leave you with something pithy and amusing. But… it’s the White Sox this weekend. Enjoy it.


Walter Hanson said...

Where to start on the post? Denny deserves his extension for two reasons:

One, it never hurts to have a good left hander in the bullpen. Now if we can get our hands on a second one.

Two, if we have a lefty in the bullpen no one will get anythoughts of moving Lirano or Santana back to the bullpen.

* It certainly looked like there were two important left hand hitters for Denny to get out on Friday.

* Has anybody noticed that with two games in hand the Twins are now in range of the Tigers? That five game lead goes down to four by winning the two extra games and we still have four games at home left with those Tigers.

* Is Bartman off the hook now because of that White Sox fan?

* Johan if he wants to justify his second cy young will need to win tonight since Cy Young goes with the pitcher who wins the games he has to for his team.

* With Radke hurting and the Royals coming up on the schedule maybe the Twins should skip Radke and let him rest. A weeks plus rest for the shoulder could do wonders. Especially if he is number three for the playoff run. Not to mention September call ups could add some extra arms for the bullpen to carry it for the September.

* All those Twins will you still want a hurt Thome on our bench or a hurt Thome on the Chicago bench taking up a roster spot that might be used for another pitcher and keep a couple of million of dollars away from getting another player that can help them.

* What a great night. Two more wins to go this series.

Walter Hanson
Minneapolis, MN

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