Monday, August 21, 2006

Links of the Day for 8/19/06

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With the Twins only half a game out of the Wild Card lead after another series victory over the White Sox, the Red Sox and their pitching collapsing and with the horrible Orioles ahead of them, everything seems to be going the Twins way. So what is there to be worried about? The Wild Card is the Twins for the taking, isn’t it?

I’d certainly like to think so, but there are still some things to be worried about, especially considering the three headed monster of Silva, Garza and Boof that makes up the back end of the rotation. While looking at the probable starters for this upcoming series against the O’s, I couldn’t help but notice that the Twins will be starting the games out with pitchers sporting ERAs of 6.30, 11.74 and 5.51. That being said, it’s not like the Orioles will be trotting out Jim Palmer, Dave McNally and Mike CuĂ©llar, though they do have the only scheduled starter with a sub 5 ERA (Kris Benson-4.63). And yes, I’ll admit that I’m suffering from Liriano withdrawal, even after Santana’s gem on Sunday.

And now the Quick Links:

  • Torii needs just one hit to reach 1000 for his career. Hopefully, he won’t approach reaching the milestone the same way he would an at bat with the bases loaded (No, I’m not a Torii Hater—I just deal with frustration through sarcasm. I’ll be sporting my Hunter Jersey at Camden this Wednesday and Thursday)

  • Kelly Thesier has the official word on Torii, Rondell and Radke’s future, as well as what happened to the Real Deal.

  • Why boo A.J.? Mr. Baseball has the answer.

  • After watching some of the Little League World Series this weekend, I’m still having trouble believing shil drugs for sexual impotency. (Here’s the translation of the ad: "There are some at-bats where one can't afford to fail, the same is true during the intimate moments. Take Elevex. Take it from me, David Ortiz *wink* 'Big Papi.’)

  • Finally, while I may not be traveling Europe with an orchestra, that doesn’t mean I don’t have something to promote. If you’re looking for a place to discuss the Vikings now that the NFL has kicked off, check out “The Ragnarok”. It’s a support group for those of us who still have Purple Pride, despite what the Vikings have done on (and off) the field.


-Peder said...

I'm going to go with intern Sam on this one. Booing AJ is foolish and it makes Twins fans look like a bunch of yokels.

Intern Thomas said...

That's how I feel too. A.J. was my favorite player when he was here, and I especially liked how annoying he was. I tried to model my "game" after him.

That being said, I probably would have booed him, or at least thrown a couple of curse words his way if I'd seen him mock the "smell 'em" signal