Monday, August 14, 2006

Links of the Day for 8/15/06

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There’s a lot of praise out there for Brad Radke today, as there should be. Pitching with a bum shoulder, he threw seven shut out innings, preventing the Blue Jays from sweeping the Twins at home. By doing so, he kept Minnesotans focused on baseball (like a lot of Minnesotans, I have the Vikings’ preseason game on in the background—I have to say I kind of like the new uniforms, and the Vikings don’t look half bad either) and prevented some from making rash decisions. All in all, the man was dealing, and thanks to him, the Twins are only 2.5 games back with more than enough time to make it up.

More vexing than the poor pitching by the Twins’ other starters this series, however, was the complete lack of offense. By hitting into double play after double play, the Twins managed to fail to do something that they had done the entirety of the franchise’s entire time in Minnesota—score more than one run in three consecutive home games. Not really something you’d expect from a team with a player that the Killer thinks can join him in the exclusive “Twins’ 40 Home Run Club” and one that still has the best home record in baseball.

Despite the awful hitting this weekend, it is not time for football just yet, thanks to Radke. Instead, it’s still baseball season, Johan is pitching against the Offensive Cartoons at the Dome, Batgirl is back and the Franchise might be soon. So instead of pondering whether or not you like the new design of the Vikings’ jersey, take a peek at a very literary Quick Links and thank your lucky stars that the Twins are still in the thick of a pennant race and we don’t have to leave Twins’ Territory quite yet.

  • I have a feeling that Torii’s glove really got it good after it wasn’t able to come up with that ball in the first inning of Matt Garza’s debut.

  • You might not be able to see Liriano pitch just yet, but you can read about him and his journey to the big leagues.

  • Play fantasy baseball? Know someone who does and wonder what it’s all about? Then make sure you check out Fantasyland by Sam Walker.

  • One last recommendation, in honor of Batgirl being back and because I just finished reading the book myself. Trust me when I say that you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of Shadow Thieves by BG’s close personal friend, Anne Ursu. I promise that you’ll enjoy it (as will anyone you know who enjoys a great book).

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