Sunday, August 06, 2006

GameDay's 1st Annual Pre Game Party

Hey gang, we have a chance to talk baseball in person.....

This Saturday (the 12th) we'll have GameDays' 1st Annual Pre Game Party. It'll be 4:30 at Town Hall Brewery (within walking distance of the Dome). We want to say a big Thank You to all our readers, so we're buying some appetizers for snacking and bringing free copies of GameDay. We'll all get plenty of chances to talk baseball face to face (gasp) and brainstorm stuff we can do to make the program and web site better. Then we'll all walk over to the 6:00 game.

I hope you can all make it so I can meet you (or meet some of you again).
John Bonnes

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Nealcp said...

Hey John! It's Neal (we met in Fort Myers 3 years ago) and went to a game last year. I'm in town alot this summer so I'll plan on tryin to join you all this Saturday! :)